2018 Taiwan gay pride parade set for Oct. 27

Taipei, Oct. 19 (CNA) The annual gay pride parade organized by Taiwan LGBT Pride is scheduled to be held in Taipei on Oct. 27, and will focus on promoting two referendums on amending Civil Code marriage regulations and the Gender Equity Education Act.

The parade, which is based on the theme "Tell Your Story, Vote for Equality," will kick off in the afternoon in front of the Presidential Office on Ketagalan Boulevard, according to Taiwan LGBT Pride.

Although the number of people participating in the parade has increased every year, the march will remain the same as the previous ones with nine groups divided into three main parade routes, the organization said.

To showcase the social and cultural diversity of the nation, Taiwan LGBT called on everyone in the LGBTIQA community to take part in the parade and vote for the referendums it initiated which will be held alongside local elections on Nov. 24.

One of the referendums asks the question "Do you agree that the Civil Code marriage regulations should be used to guarantee the rights of same sex couples to get married?"

The second asks "Do you agree that gender equity education as defined in 'the Gender Equity Education Act' should be taught at all stages of the national curriculum and that such education should cover courses on emotional education, sex education and gay and lesbian education?"

The number of participants at Taiwan's gay parade reached a record high last year with about 123,000 people attending, making it one of the largest of its kind in Asia.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel