AeroSpace Power Conference celebrates 100th anniversary of armed forces with resounding success

AeroSpace Power Conference 2023 (Photo 1)

AeroSpace Power Conference 2023

Rome, May 17, 2023 – The AeroSpace Power Conference, the grand event commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armed Forces, concluded on May 14th with remarkable achievements. Gathering an impressive participation of 1,800 attendees on each day of the event, including 41 foreign delegations and 25 heads of forces from around the globe, the conference stood as a testament to its extraordinary success. Hosted at the captivating and iconic ‘La Nuvola di Fuksas’ conference centre in Rome, this momentous occasion was organized by Pomilio Blumm, an Italy-based institutional communication agency. The company managed every aspect of the three-day event, from setting up exhibition stands to producing presentation videos and directing the online proceedings.

Over the course of three days, the AeroSpace Power Conference featured a diverse program of debates, speeches, and contributions, encompassing a total of five panels. Key discussions revolved around future challenges related to innovation and technology, comprehensive aerospace strategies and policies, as well as innovation and sustainability within the sector.

AeroSpace Power Conference 2023 (photo 2)

AeroSpace Power Conference 2023

Space and aerospace represent the natural extension of the Air Force’s operational domain, which, due to the evolution of enabling technologies and challenges, is called upon every day to defend the country from new threats, such as ballistic missiles, space debris or uncontrolled re-entries, which must be identified and tracked in space.

Among the speakers were notable academics, researchers, and both civil and military experts. Air Squadron General Luca Goretti, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, inaugurated the conference on Friday, May 12th, in the presence of Defense Minister Guido Crosetto, Chief of Defense Staff Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone, and several other authorities. Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna was also present. The participation of representatives from NATO, various space agencies, the European Defense Agency, LEONARDO, LUISS, and AVIO further enhanced the panels. The event also welcomed international guests, such as Gen. Hiroaki Uchikura from Japan, Air Chief Marshall Mike Wigston from the UK, and US Under Secretary of Defense Heidi Shyu.

AeroSpace Power Conference 2023 (Photo 3)

AeroSpace Power Conference 2023

Franco Pomilio expressed his pride in being part of this prestigious event commemorating the centenary of the Air Force. Pomilio Blumm curated the aerospace exhibition, which garnered significant attention and participation. The exhibition attracted an impressive registration of 12,978 individuals, allowing them to explore numerous Air Force stands, partake in enjoyable activities, engage with simulators, and attend thought-provoking film screenings on the 100 years of the Armed Force.


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