AirAsia asked to correct “Taiwan, China” designation

Taipei, Taiwan's Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) asked Malaysia-based airline company AirAsia on Wednesday to correct a name change after it was found to have designated Taiwan as part of China.

Visitors to the airline's website recently found that it referred to Taiwan's airports in both Taoyuan and Kaohsiung as being located in "Taiwan, China," thereby implying that Taiwan is a province of China.

The outrage that ensued, including some calling for a boycott of AirAsia's flights, caught the attention of the CAA, which met with a representative of the airline on Wednesday to seek an explanation and ask that it be corrected.

According to the administration, the representative indicated the matter has been conveyed to company headquarters, which intends to cooperate with local government rules, but is still deciding how exactly to address the issue.

The CAA said it will also ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to raise the subject with the Malaysian government.

Earlier this year German carrier Lufthansa and British Airways added China to the designation of Taiwan on their website after reported pressure from China, though the latter later reversed its decision and apologized for causing offense with the original name change.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel