Cases of parents abused by children rises to 8,000 per year in Taiwan

Taipei, The number of domestic violence reports involving adult children who beat up their parents has surged to about 8,000 per year over the past two to three years in Taiwan from an average of 3,000 annually in the past, a Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) official said Wednesday.

However, Lin Wei-yen (???), head of the MOHW's Department of Protective Services, said the change in figures does not mean that such cases are rising in the country, but that more and more people are aware of domestic violence and are willing to report to the relevant authorities.

The public's rising awareness exposes the misfortune of abused elderly people in society, Lin said at a press conference held by the MOHW to mark the 20th anniversary of the implementation of the Domestic Violence Prevention Act.

In some cases, conflicts between elderly parents and their adult children erupt when the children see no escape from the accumulated pressure of tending to their parents' daily lives, Lin said.

Also, there are parasite singles prepared to beat up their parents due to the latter's unwillingness to cover their finances, Lin added, noting that most of such abusers are mentally ill, alcoholic, or drug addicted.

In Taiwan's modern society, domestic violence has diversified in recent years to affect not only married people and children but also seniors, Lin said.

At Wednesday's press conference, Vice President Chen Chien-jen (???) described domestic violence as a global problem that cannot be fixed without community force and government resources.

Echoing Chen, Deputy Health Minister Lu Pao-ching (???) said the government is working to reinforce a "social safety network" by integrating resources from the ministries responsible for education, labor and interior affairs, as well as the MOHW, in the hope of establishing a community protection network for family dependents.

The MOHW has set up the 113 round-the-clock hotline to receive reports of domestic violence, sexual abuse and sexual harassment and offer assistance to victims.

According to MOHW statistics, the ministry receives 130,000 reports of domestic violence cases each year, which, after the deduction of repeat reports, reached some 90,000-100,000 suspected victims.

Fifty-five percent of the victims were people who suffer from partner violence, 13 percent were abused children or teenagers, 17 percent were victims of violence by extended family members, and 15 percent were abused parents or grandparents, the tallies show.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel