Court rules against man who sued city government over wrong directions

New Taipei, A man who brought a lawsuit against the New Taipei City government for allegedly giving him wrong directions via a hotline lost the case in the city’s district court Tuesday.
In the lawsuit, the man surnamed Lin (林) had filed for compensation, saying he had missed a job opportunity as a result of the wrong directions, because he had arrived two hours late for an interview.
He said that on Sept. 2, 2018 he had called the New Taipei City 1999 hotline for directions to a hotel in Xinzhuang District, but the bus he took was going in the wrong direction.
The job would have paid a monthly salary of NT$30,000 (US$1,072), Lin said, arguing that the city government should pay him a one-time compensation of NT$30,000, in accordance with the State Compensation Law.
In the first hearing of the case last October, however, the New Taipei District Court Banqiao Summary Division ruled against Lin, saying that the hotline operator had told him to take the MRT but Lin decided to take a bus instead.
Lin’s late arrival at the hotel for the interview was not the fault of the hotline operator, and the matter does not meet the requirements for state compensation, the court said in its ruling.
Lin later filed an appeal in the New Taipei District Court, arguing that he had not been given an opportunity to present his arguments in the first case because he had arrived late for the hearing after “people gave him wrong directions.”
On Tuesday, in the final ruling in the case, the district court rejected Lin’s appeal.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel