Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade emphasizes that there is enough sugar for consumption and must be closely monitored.

Nonthaburi 17 Nov. – Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade Emphasizing that sugar, after adjusting the factory price by 2 baht, the Ministry of Commerce has strictly monitored both price and quantity. Emphasizing that there is sufficient amount of sugar for consumption. No need to buy and store in large quantities. Meanwhile, prices of general products adjust up and down according to the normal mechanism. Many items have reduced prices, including vegetables and eggs.

Mr. Wattanasak Sueaiam, Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade, said that at present sugar production in each production year It will average up to 8 million tons per year, but domestic demand is only 2.5 million tons. The rest is exported. The Office of the Cane and Sugar Board (SOC) has confirmed that the amount of sugar is definitely sufficient for consumption. There is no need to buy and stockpile in large quantities.

The Ministry of Commerce It has been given to provincial commerce throughout the country. Coordinating with the Royal Thai Police and the Consumer Protection Crime Suppression Division Strict investigation and prosecution Especially not to hoard. both for traders and factories, including not taking the opportunity to raise prices unreasonably which carries a severe penalty of imprisonment not exceeding 7 years, a fine not exceeding 140,000 baht, or both. So it is deposited to the merchant. Don't create a market turbulent situation.

for consumers If it is not fair There is a way to report this through the hotline 1569, admitting that there have been reports that some amount of sugar has disappeared from the market. Because during this time people are actually buying more sugar. You may be worried about the price that may increase further, but this has been emphasized to various department stores. Please replenish products in time. and add orders To adequately meet the needs of consumers And if there is a case of missing products, please notify us immediately so that we can coordinate with Teach. to link them for sale. Meanwhile, other products that require sugar as an important ingredient. There has been no request for a price increase yet.

As for the price situation of general consumer products Especially agricultural products and fresh food, prices are based on the mechanism, such as all types of rice. The price is considered better than last year. including animal feed corn at 9 baht, 18 satang per kilogram, palm oil at 6 baht, 35 satang per kilogram, considered higher than last year as well. and cassava The average per kilogram was 3 baht, 68 satang, higher than the previous week. It has a positive effect on farmers. while the price of pork increased slightly to 130 baht per kilogram and chicken meat, such as thighs, 79 baht per kilogram and thighs attached to the hips It is at 78 baht per kilogram. As for chicken eggs, it has begun to decrease. Number 3 is at 4 baht, 19 satang per egg, due to increased production volume. The same goes for vegetable prices. Many areas are likely to decrease. During the rainy season, the crops were damaged by disease. But now the price is gradually decreasing, such as kale, yardlong beans, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, coriander, bird's eye chilli, including lime, etc.

Source: Thai News Agency