ELECTIONS 2022/Video recording not allowed in or near polling stations: CEC

Taipei-Voters are not allowed to record videos with mobile phones or cameras inside or within a 30-meter radius of a polling station, the Central Election Commission (CEC) said on Tuesday ahead of the upcoming local elections on Saturday.
Anyone who conducts such an action would be considered as hindering others from casting ballots or causing a disturbance in polling stations, which is liable to a fine or a penalty under related laws, an official said on Tuesday.
If voters refuse to follow the rules after polling station staff ask them not to do so, they could face imprisonment of up to five years or a maximum fine of NT$200,000 (NT$6,416), subject to the CEC’s review, a CEC official told CNA by telephone.
The CEC made the statement to clarify “disinformation” on social media that claimed that shooting videos inside or within a 30-meter radius of a polling station to record voters’ movements is allowed.
Meanwhile, the CEC said that wearing clothes or a facemask with a candidate’s name, lot number, any campaign signs, or carrying promotional campaign products to polling stations could incur a fine of between NT$500,000 and NT$5 million.
Taiwan will vote on Saturday to select 11,023 public officials in nine different types of posts from mayors and city councilors to ward chiefs, and decide in a referendum whether to amend the Constitution to lower both the voting age and the minimum age of candidacy to 18.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel