Employment restrictions on foreign workers should be lifted (update)

Taipei-Taiwan should lift employment restrictions and relax eligibility requirements for foreign workers to better address the shortages of professional talent, the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT) said on Wednesday.

To that end, businesses should be allowed to employ workers according to their needs, the ECCT said in its 2018 Position Papers.

Olivier Rousselet (???), ECCT vice chairman & treasurer, said at the presentation of the report that a total of 132 issues were raised in the annual paper, consisting of 84 unresolved matters from previous years and 48 new issues.

Rousselet said progress had been made on 18 percent of the issues raised in last year's position paper, and he also praised the Legislative Yuan for passing recruitment and hiring laws for foreign professional talent on Oct. 31.

According to an ECCT press release Wednesday, the theme at the presentation of the paper was "Clearing the Hurdles to Economic Progress" which was also attended by National Development Council Minister Chen Mei-ling (???).

Foreign nationals in Taiwan are not treated the same as the country's nationals and elimination of unequal treatment is needed in order to attract overseas professionals to the island, the press release pointed out.

According to the 2018 Position Papers, one unresolved matter from previous years is denying access to many services because of the differences between the number formats on Taiwan's national identity card and Alien Resident Certificate or Alien Permanent Resident Certificate cards.

An exemption from the Private Schools Law is needed for private IT, software, engineering and other related schools as prestigious foreign schools are discouraged from opening branches in Taiwan due to the excessive laws and regulations they face, according to the press release.

Another unresolved matter is that someone already in Taiwan for study or holidays has to take a trip back home to get a working holiday visa as they can only be obtained in the country of the passport holder, according the annual report.

The ECCT recommended allowing the option of working on rest days and increasing the monthly maximum overtime hours to allow employees the option of working on certain rest days and earning overtime pay, according to the press release.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel