Excessive snakehead numbers may impact ecology of Sun Moon Lake

Taipei--An invasive alien fish, the Asian snakehead, has been reproducing excessively in Sun Moon Lake over the past few months, and a fisherman has expressed concern that this could impact the ecology of the lake.

Cheng Chih-min (???), who has been fishing in the lake for decades, said Wednesday that the fish had a reproduction boom last year, with numbers estimated in the thousands.

If related government authorities do not address the problem, the fish, which is a voracious predator, could seriously impact the ecology of the lake, Cheng warned.

He said that fishermen have over the past few months spent tens of thousands of dollars fishing for snakeheads in a bid to cut the numbers, but the operation is getting more difficult because of the rapid proliferation of the fish.

He said that he has tried to sell the fish, saying that its flesh is "good," but they are not popular because of a lack of promotion.

The fish that are caught are used only for fish paste or fish feed, he said, expressing hope that the government will do something to solve the problem.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel