Fast with a rocket! “Nonkun” made a sweet flirtatious comment to the media less than 5 minutes after “AFL” posted the photo.

Nine Entertainment Makes the supporters of "Aff-Nonkun" embarrassed and writhing together after the young heroine "Aff Thaksaorn" posted a picture of herself dressed in a beautiful and sweet look. Go work with a famous fashion brand. Post on personal Instagram

Less than 5 minutes have passed, the bright-faced young hero "Nonkun Chanon" who previously openly admitted that he was flirting with AFL even though he wasn't yet a boyfriend. But he's the only person that AFL talks to. And if you use the word boyfriend when? The time between girlfriend and being called wife is definitely lightning fast. Came to comment, "Beautiful ??" Sweet sugar spilled and ants crawled all over the Instagram feed.

Source: Thai News Agency

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