Following the fundraising subsidy, the public welfare backstage sugar station will also run for love.

"The 2nd Meisho Cup Public Welfare Road Run of 2019" was opened on the morning of the 23rd morning in Taian Anping Love Square. It is estimated that it will attract nearly 2,000 runners. In addition to team participation, Taiwan Sugar Co., Ltd. also provides products such as Taiwan Sugar Mineral Water and Taiwan Sugar Goryeo Gift Box. It actively responds to the Meishan Foundation and participates in public welfare with practical actions to run together for love.

The Meishan Foundation is affiliated to the Catholic Tainan Diocese and was founded by the Swiss priest Wu Daoyuan who traveled across the ocean to Taiwan. The foundation has been self-funded for many years and has been involved in the service of vulnerable ethnic groups in Tainan. However, in recent years, it has been affected by the economy and it is not easy to raise funds. Father Wu opened the first road running event in 2018 and was supported by all road runners. This year, he continued to raise funds to make public service never stop.

The road running event will be attended by the start-up ceremony of the starting ceremony of Xu Jisheng, CEO of the Taiwan Sugar Company's Oil Products Division, Lin Ji, the chairman of the Foundation, and the representative of the Social Affairs Bureau of the Tainan Municipal Government. There are supply stations in each stage, providing fruit, drinks, and small roast beef ribs. The site also arranges the "Early Spring Warm Music Party Feast" to add atmosphere to the event.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs R.O.C