Fu Wan Chocolate products boycotted over molestation case

Taipei, Products of a famous local chocolate brand are being largely removed from local store shelves over lingering controversy linked to a molestation case committed by its former chairman dating back to 2015.
As a result of a boycott campaign launched by netizens, several local food companies and retail businesses have announced the decision to take products made by Fu Wan Chocolate off their shelves. The boycott began recently because of a case of molestation and unwanted touching committed by its former chairman, Hsu Feng-chia (許峰嘉), against a female intern in 2015.
Hsu was convicted the following year to six months in prison in the case and was stripped of his position.
Taking the lead in the move against Fu Wan, Laurel Corp. announced on Monday that it will stop producing one of its new dumpling products that contains a filling made of Fu Wan chocolate and that the money made from previous sales of the product will be donated to charity.
Following suit, Kuai Kuai Co., Ltd. said in a statement on Tuesday that effective immediately, it will take all its products that are co-branded with Fu Wan off the shelves and donate them to charity groups, the company said.
Both Laurel and Kuai Kuai said they will, in the future, be very careful when choosing partners with which to cooperate to ensure the reputation of their brands.
The Mister Donut chain, meanwhile, said it has stopped selling seven products and three kinds of drinks using chocolate made by Fu Wan.
Carrefour S.A., a French hypermarket chain, said on Tuesday that five Fu Wan Chocolate products introduced since it held a chocolate fair last year have all been removed as a result of the negative impact of Hsu’s case.
PX Mart Co., Ltd., a leading local supermarket chain, said Fu Wan Chocolate products have never been sold at its premises.
In a statement, Taiwan FamilyMart Co. Ltd., a convenience store chain, said it will terminate the sale of eight products containing Fu Wan Chocolate products, as well as the dumplings produced by Laurel.
Although Fu Wan Chocolate has apologized for Hsu’s offense, calls have been raging online to boycott the brand’s products.
In response to the backlash arising from Hsu’s conviction, Fu Wan Chocolate said it respects all the decisions made by its business partners and will sustain all losses stemming from the boycott.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel