Government committed to fighting low wages this year: president

Taipei-President Tsai Ing-wen (???) pledged Monday that the government is fully committed to helping combat Taiwan's low wages this year.

Encouraging the nation's industries to upgrade and reinvent themselves is the key to transforming Taiwan's economy, Tsai said, but the government also has plans to reward companies willing to raise the salaries of their employees.

Rewards including subsidies or other forms of incentives could be provided for private enterprises willing to support the government's cause, she said.

The problem of low wages for young people is a common issue in many countries, and it is an especially important issue in Taiwanese society today, Tsai said.

As president and head of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Tsai said she has instructed government officials and think tanks to draw up plans to support local industries in accelerating their transformation and upgrading so that their profits can increase, more jobs can be created and employee salaries can be raised.

The country's most important goal is adjusting its economic structure, Tsai said, adding that the government will improve the investment environment and take measures to help companies transform themselves, while ensuring workers' rights.

During a visit to a local temple in New Taipei, meanwhile, the president hoped a planned pay raise for public sector employees this year will encourage private enterprises to follow suit.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel