“Gun Jom Phalang” goes out to report and arrest a gang of Chinese beggars

Bangkok, "Kan Jom Phalang" met with the superintendent of Lumpini Police Station, asking for cooperation in following up on a gang of Chinese beggars. Observe When these Chinese beggars were caught There will be an interpreter to clear the matter and ask to return to the country.

"Gun Jom Phalang" along with his team traveled to meet with the investigating officer. and the Superintendent of Lumpini Police Station to provide information and request cooperation. After finding a Chinese woman with a deformed face There were burn marks on the body while wearing a school uniform and sitting and begging in the Bangkok area, asking for cooperation from the DSI police to follow up and expand the results.

Mr. Kan Jompalang told of the behavior of the Chinese group in the manner of sitting and begging while wearing Thai student uniforms in the same style. The donation box is the same. And the nature of the wound had similar signs, sitting and begging in the BTS Asoke, Nana and Ploenchit areas from around noon to 1 p.m. every day. And every time there is an arrest, there is usually an interpreter who comes to clear things up. He had been in the situation and had asked the interpreter if he could clear it up or not. Which he said that he used to be able to clear it but not often. I've also come to ask to clear things up with myself. He made an offer saying that he would give all the money he had from begging. He still asked the police if he wanted it or not. The police said no one would take it. Asking for a group to be prosecuted But what was surprising was that these beggars did not have passports. Currently there are a total of 7 people, 3 have been arrested and 4 remain.

In addition, he coordinated with the Deputy Director-General of the Ministry of Education that it seemed abnormal. Is it considered human trafficking? He himself noted that there was a lie that the three people claimed to have done voluntarily. But there may be someone behind the scenes forcing these people to do it. Or if telling the family the destination might be dangerous, Kan Jom Phalang also questioned the phone SIM issue. Including key card room keys Where did you get it from? Claiming to have found it on the side of the road. He refused to say where he got it from.

Gun Jom Phalang therefore wants the DSI to come in and help, namely 1. Because the police have been cited in asking for clarification. 2. To expand the results to the beginning of the process. Who provided it? I believe it is a movement.

Source: Thai News Agency