Industry Bureau plans the wisdom of urban and rural pavilions, six major themes, experience, wisdom, new life

Do you often find a parking space on the roadside? Every time I go to the supermarket to check out, I am most afraid of encountering long queues? Rest assured, Taiwanese manufacturers have already had solutions to these problems. From March 26th to 29th, this (108), we went to the "Smart City and Urban Theme Pavilion" of the "2019 Smart City Exhibition" of Nangang Exhibition Hall to find the answer.

The Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, in the spirit of central, local and industrial cooperation, invited 14 local governments and 24 manufacturers to jointly create a Smart Urban and Rural Theme Pavilion in a contextual manner, planning six major themed exhibition areas, including the most relaxed and healthy travel. The theme of security, good harvest, convenient transportation, smart management, new life experience, etc., showcase Taiwan's system integration and solution capabilities; and invite Yang Wenke County Magistrate, Xu Weiwei County Magistrate, Rao Qingling County Magistrate, Xie Shuya, Deputy County Magistrate Five heads of state and city, including Secretary General Zhang Longde, visited the scene and had close contact with the public to talk about the wisdom and urban planning concepts and practices.

The theme of "Management is smart enough" in the theme pavilion will showcase the "Virtual Reality Fire Disaster Relief Training Simulation System". Firefighters can simulate the fire scene through virtual reality VR and enhance the experience of real-life training before disaster relief. The public can also use VR games. Learning disaster prevention education; "new life experience" theme, on-site AI image recognition product experience self-checkout saves queuing time, and can interact with Augmented Reality AR combined map English learning game, immersive learning life conversation and attractions English introduction Or use the wearable device to return health messages to feel the instant health consultation, etc., so that visitors can experience the convenience and progress of smart life through the actual operation on the spot.

In addition, the theme pavilion will hold a "Senior Head to Start" and "Smart Discovery" symposium on the spot. Five heads of cities and counties including Hsinchu County, Hualien County and Taitung County will be invited, and the heads of the six bureaus and related operators will be present. At the venue, we will explain the wisdom and urban blueprints and specific practices of each county and city, combine local needs with local characteristics, and connect various solutions to create smart application services tailored to local conditions.

In this exhibition, the Industrial Bureau also cooperated with the Taipei Computer Association and Chunghwa Telecom to organize the "Global Telecoms Smart City Conference", inviting global telecom operators to attend, in addition to discussing the current status and future of 5G development and smart city Internet of Things applications. Arrange to visit the application service field to experience the actual experience, and handle the manufacturer's matchmaking activities. At that time, there will be more than 70 AT&T, Verizon, South Korea LG U+, Singapore Telecom Singtel, Malaysia Maxis, Indonesia Indosat, Thailand CAT Telecom, Vietnam Viettel, etc. International telecom operators, and 50 Taiwanese manufacturers such as Chunghwa Telecom, Smart Fashion,, Camille, Guangyu, House Makeup, ASUS Cloud, Baoshuo, Caiwei, Kuanwei, Yudeng, TUTK, Mingtai, ?Macro and Nietzsche interacted.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs' "Integration of Smart Urban and Rural Life Application Project" will not only be able to experience the solution personally, but also see the county mayor in front of you, and you can collect prizes on the spot. Welcome interested parties from all walks of life. Come to the Nangang Exhibition Hall, the Ministry of Economic Affairs' "Smart Township Theme Pavilion" to experience the wisdom and application of diverse and wonderful life!

Source: Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs