Japanese yen available from CTBC ATMs at 10 7-Eleven stores

Taipei, CTBC Bank, one of the largest privately owned banks in Taiwan, said Thursday that as of May Japanese yen can be withdrawn from CTBC ATMs at 10 7-Eleven stores across the country, citing growing demand for the currency.

The 7-Eleven stores are located near some of the busiest traffic hubs in the country, including Pan-chuan branch near Banqiao train station in New Taipei, Kang-tai branch near Nangang Station in Taipei city, Cheng-huang branch near Taoyuan Station, Lien-hsin branch near Taichung Station and Ta-pan branch near Kaohsiung Station.

Other ATMs are in popular tourist areas like Bo-yuan branch in Gongguan Shopping Area in Taipei, Kao-sheng branch in Kaohsiung's Sanduo Shopping District and on the 35th floor of Taipei 101, a landmark skyscraper in Xinyi District, Taipei City.

In addition, Japanese yen can also be withdrawn from ATMs at the Hsin-tang 7-11 branch in Hsinchu Science and Technology Park and the Chun-Chung branch in Tainan's Southern Taiwan Science Park.

According to CTBC Bank, while U.S. dollars have long been the main currency withdrawn from its ATMs, the bank has seen significant growth in demand for Japanese yen recently.

The number of times users withdrew Japanese yen from CTBC ATMs in April grew by 360 percent from the same period last year, the bank said.

Since 2017, CTBC Bank has allowed customers to make withdrawals in three different foreign currencies -- U.S. dollars, Japanese yen and Chinese yuan (reminbi) from its ATMS across the country.

Established in 1966 as China Securities and Investment Corp., CTBC Bank has 150 branches across Taiwan and 110 overseas branches, according to its official website.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel