Jeon Do-yeon’s ‘Revolver’: tailor-made thriller 4 yrs in the making

The protagonist of the action thriller “Revolver” was specifically crafted and developed with actress Jeon Do-yeon in mind, the film’s director said, blending Jeon’s natural elegance and poise into the movie’s narrative.

“I wanted to incorporate into the scenario the innate dignity and grace that the actor naturally possesses,” director Oh Seung-uk said at a press event Tuesday to promote his upcoming movie, slated to hit local theaters next month.

“Among these qualities, the most important is empathy for others that seems to surpass that of ordinary people. I wanted to lay this as the foundation of the scenario and build the story on top of it” the director said.

The crime-thriller revolves around former police officer Ha Soo-young, portrayed by Jeon, who is entangled in a corruption scheme and goes to prison for two years in return for hefty compensation for a crime she did not commit.

Upon her release, she finds out she was deceived by Andy, played by Ji Chang-wook, who promised her the compensation.
Soo-young sets out to track down Andy and other accomplices, only to find herself confronting an even more dangerous force behind it all.

The film marks Jeon’s second collaboration with the director following the crime romance “The Shameless” (2015).

“I heard the director was struggling with a script he was working on at that time, so I suggested he write a simpler, low-budget story we could collaborate on,” Jeon explained, revealing the origins of the film’s conception.

“Even so, it took him four years. I almost gave up on him,” Jeon said, half-jokingly.

Since she made the suggestion to the director, the Cannes award-winning actress had appeared in the action thriller “Kill Boksoon” (2023), a Netflix Korean original film, and tvN’s romantic series “Crash Course in Romance” (2023).

“At a certain point, I stopped inquiring about the script to avoid pressuring him,” she said. “When I finally read the ‘Revolver’ screenplay, I realized it was worth the long wait.”

“Soo-young is an ambitious woman with a dre
am to pursue. She is ready to risk everything and to compromise to make her dream come true. She is very focused and determined,” Jeon said of her character.

The director said the veteran actress convincingly portrays Soo-young’s quietly simmering rage with a dry and cold expression that “has not been seen before.”

Ji Chang-wook, known for his role in Disney+’s “The Worst of Evil,” plays Andy, nicknamed “a perfumed mad dog.” Ji described his character as an uncontrollable, arrogant troublemaker who exploits his powerful older sister’s influence.

“This role was entirely unlike anything I’ve done before,” Ji said. The director praised Ji’s performance, noting how he brought the character to life through attention to subtle details and nuanced emotional expression.

“The Glory” villain Lim Ji-yeon plays the role of Jeong Yoon-seon, a mysterious woman who approaches Soo-young, promising to help. With no one to turn to, Soo-young half-heartedly takes the offer.

Despite initial apprehension about her role, Lim’
s confidence surged once she began working alongside veteran actress Jeon on set.

“Just before we started filming a scene together, I found myself face-to-face with Jeon,” Lim recalled. “The moment I looked into her eyes, I saw Soo-young come to life. It was utterly convincing.”

The movie is set for release on Aug. 7.

Source: Yonhap News Agency