Labor ministry to revise regulations in line with new amendment

The Ministry of Labor (MOL) said Friday it will soon revise several regulations to complement an amendment passed earlier in the day that scrapped the maximum stay requirement for migrant workers.

The Legislative Yuan passed an amendment to the Employment Service Act to remove a provision that required migrant workers who have worked in Taiwan for three years -- the longest contract allowed -- to leave the country for at least one day if they want to be re-hired.

It will take effect as soon as it is publicly posted by the Presidential Office, a formality that usually takes fewer than three weeks.

In line with the amendment, the Regulations on the Permission and Administration of the Employment of Foreign Workers will have to be revised to set procedures for when employers want to continue to hire the same workers after three years, the MOL said.

Regulations governing change of employers will also need to be revised to give migrant workers clear guidance on what steps to follow when their contracts are not renewed by their original employers after three years, the ministry said.

In 2015, 93,562 migrant workers left Taiwan after working in the country for three years, the ministry's data showed.

To protect the workers' rights, the ministry said it will also revise regulations to impose a fine of up to NT$300,000 on employers who refuse to pay migrant workers their wages while they take annual leave in their home countries.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel