Land Bank Co-ordinator Hosted Lixin Construction Co., Ltd. to Complete the Signing Ceremony of NT$5.163 Billion

The Land Bank co-ordinated the sponsorship of Lixin Construction Co., Ltd. with a total amount of NT$5,163 million in joint loans, which was successfully completed the chairman of the bank, Ms. Ling Zhongyu, represented the bank group and the president of Lixin Group. Mr. Lai Yunxing signed a joint credit contract on behalf of the borrower.

The purpose of the joint loan application is to fund the development and construction of the building in Banqiao Jiangcui District of New Taipei City. The total amount of the five-year period is NT$5,163 million. The land bank is the co-ordinating host bank and the cooperative bank. With the participation of South China Bank, Taiwan Enterprise Bank, Changhua Bank, Taishin Bank, Agricultural Treasury and Zhaofeng Bank, it is obvious that the participating banks have agreed and affirmed the long-term pragmatic operation of the Lixin Agency.

Lixin Group, a subsidiary of Lixin Construction Co., Ltd., was established in 1990 and has been engaged in real estate investment for many years. It is divided into three major business groups: land development, architectural planning and camp construction. Lixin Group began to handle the urban re-planning business on the north side of Jiangcui in Banqiao District, New Taipei City in 1996. The total development area of the district is 82 hectares. At present, the new Bund construction project of Lixin Construction (share) company has been divided into three. During the period, "Yang Zhen" and "Shuangjiang Cui" were all sold out. The third phase of "New Moon World" continued to be sold. The construction of the joint loan case is located in Area E of Jiangcui Heavy Area. It is expected to build 3 buildings on the 19th floor and 1 commercial building on the 15th floor. The first and second floors of the project will be planned. It is used as a storefront and shopping mall and has six underground parking spaces.

In recent years, Taiwan Land Bank has actively transformed itself. In addition to its original real estate business, it has expanded its business credit, wealth management business, JCB card credit card and overseas Taiwanese businesses. In recent years, it has continued to organize various public welfare activities, the Education Public Welfare Scholarship Trust, The "Social Welfare Public Welfare Trust" and the "Live Living Pension" loan show the public interest image taken from the society and the society, and continue to support the government to promote "5+2 new key industries" and "new south direction" Financing businesses such as "Urban Renewal" and "Reconstruction of Dangerous Buildings". In the future, we will continue to move forward in the direction of active, stable and diversified development towards the goal of a comprehensive quality financial institution.

Source: Ministry of Finance