Last 3 days of countdown, open for registration of debt outside the system.

The Permanent Secretary of the Interior reveals the results of registration to solve the problem of informal debt on the 88th day. More than 147,000 people have registered, with a total amount of informal debt of more than 10,744 million baht. Mediation has been completed in 17,287 cases, with the amount of debt reduced by 737. Million baht emphasizes that all areas will accelerate public relations during the last 3 days, along with accelerating the mediation process to reach 100% as targeted. Registration will close on February 29. Today (26 Feb. 2024) Mr. Suthipong Chulcharoen, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior Revealing the results of registration to solve the problem of informal debt on the 88th day, at 3:00 p.m., the Bureau of Investigation and Legal Affairs, Department of Provincial Administration, reported the results of the registration and found that There are 147,714 people registered with a total debt of 10,744.916 million baht, including 122,722 registrations via the online system and 24,992 registrations at the informal debt resolution center, totaling 118,996 creditors. There are areas/provinces with many registrants. The top 5 places are as follows: 1. Bangkok There are still the most registered people, 11,215, creditors 8,618, debt worth 965.637 million baht. 2. Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. There are 5,948 people registered, 5,649 creditors, debt amount 406.949 million baht. 3. Songkhla Province: 5,433 people registered, 4,426 creditors, debt amount 359.930 million baht. 4. Nakhon Ratchasima Province. There are 5,139 registered persons, 4,251 creditors, debt worth 449.642 million baht and 5. Surin Province. There are 4,114 registrants, 3,030 creditors, debt worth 381.998 million baht, while the top 5 provinces with the fewest registrants are: 1. Mae Hong Son Province There are 243 people registered, 244 creditors, debt amount 14.844 million baht. 2. Ranong Province: 350 people registered, 270 creditors, debt amount 24.108 million baht. 3. Samut Songkhram Province. There are 395 pe ople registered, 310 creditors, debt amount 17.463 million baht. 4. Trat Province, 467 people registered, 353 creditors, debt amount 20.806 million baht, and 5. Sing Buri Province. There are 479 registrants, 389 creditors, debt amount 27.395 million baht. 'For information on informal debt mediation throughout the country, it was found that There are 27,199 debtors who have entered the mediation process, 17,287 of whom were successful in mediation. Debtors' debt before mediation was 2,463.441 million baht, after mediation 1,726.250 million baht, debt amount decreased by 737.190 million baht, and the provinces that were able to bring the most debtors into the mediation process also It would be Nakhon Sawan Province as before. There were 3,337 debtors who entered the mediation process, 482 of whom were successful in mediation. The debt amount of debtors before mediation was 283.820 million baht, after mediation was 50.247 million baht, resulting in the debt amount of citizens in Nakhon Sawan province decreasing by 233.572 million baht for cases where no mediation was received. Cooperate until mediation is not possible. Officials have forwarded the matter to investigators at local police stations to prosecute 288 cases in 40 provinces,' Mr. Suthipong said. Mr. Suthiphong Chulcharoen, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior Added that Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, sees the importance of the problems of the people's suffering. Especially regarding the issue of debt outside the system. This is like "modern day slavery" because people who are in debt outside the system face higher interest rates than what is required by law. In addition, debt collectors use violence and intimidation. The government has therefore given importance and raised the level of intensity to solve the problem of informal debt as a national agenda. and has a policy to seriously solve problems for the people As for the Ministry of Interior, Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior There is a policy for every province to solve the problem of informal debt. By opening for registration of informal debt since 1 December 2023 under the provincial governor and district chief. including Bangkok Integrate with all sectors to help each other in the ongoing process of mediating informal debt. Mr. Suthiphong Chulcharoen, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior He further said that In terms of bringing it into the mediation process Currently, there are some people who come to register their debts outside the system who are unable to provide complete information about creditors outside the system. This makes it difficult to follow up and invite someone to mediate on the debt. We found that this is information from informal creditors who are professional lenders outside the system. There is a subordinate called 'Helmet gangs' go out to lend money in markets or communities. causing the villagers to know only the creditor's nickname This uses the method of collecting debts by walking around the market or in the pl ace where the debtor makes a living. In this part, the Ministry of Interior will send details of creditors outside the system to the police in order to carry out an investigation and find a way to arrest them, such as List of names and locations where this group of people goes to lend money All of which are illegal acts. because there is no license to operate a lending business Moreover, they collect interest that exceeds the legal rate. Including sending information about debt collection using violence or threats to the police for further action. The mediation process is very important. because it refers to the results of operations He emphasized that every area should complete the mediation to 100% according to the target.' 'Ministry of Interior Committed to solving the problem of informal debt in accordance with the policies of Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior. It has been integrated with the Royal Thai Police. Prosecutor's Off ice Ministry of Labor Ministry of Finance Ministry of Social Development and Human Security Local government organizations, as well as village headmen and village heads, work together to fully solve the problem of informal debt in accordance with government policy. It is committed to helping solve the problems of the people. This is especially true for people who are in debt outside the system. Because the interest must be paid very high and exceeds the law. There is also a debt collection process that uses violence and brutality,' Mr. Suthipong emphasized. Mr. Suthiphong Chulcharoen, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior Said at the end that There are now 3 days left for citizens to register to apply for help from the government to solve the problem of informal debt. We will accept registration until February 29, 2024. However, the government sector has the sincere intention to solve the problem for citizens who are suffering from informal debt. Therefore, we would like to publicize all people who are in debt outside the system to register and provide information to government agencies. Through various channels, including On-site at city halls in every province. (Provincial Damrongtham Center Room) every district office (Damrongtham District Center Room) District offices for all 50 districts of Bangkok As well as the area for organizing the provincial debt relief market fair. and the district debt relief market Or you can register online at You can ask for more details at the Damrongtham Center hotline, call 1567, free 24 hours a day.-317.-Thai News Agency Source: Thai News Agency

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