Last group of Taiwanese fraud suspects deported from Turkey

Taipei--The last 10 Taiwanese members of a cross-border fraud ring were deported to Taiwan from Turkey on April 26, following close to one year of diplomatic efforts to bring them back, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said Thursday.

The 10 suspects were part of a fraud ring that was busted by Turkish police in the western Turkey city of Izmir on May 27, 2016. The ring consisted of 52 Taiwanese nationals and 30 Chinese nationals.

The police said the Taiwanese suspects allegedly installed cameras near ATM machines in Izmir to record people's passwords.

An interrogation process lasted until the end of May. In June, 42 of the Taiwanese suspects were sent back to Taiwan, while the rest were taken into custody.

At a press conference Thursday, Chen Chun-shen (???), director-general of MOFA's Department of West Asian and African Affairs, said the 10 Taiwanese nationals were deported in a "low-key manner."

During diplomatic tussles with China, Taiwan has "won some and lost some," Chen said, adding that "we don't beat gongs and sound drums when we win," using a mandarin Chinese expression to describe festivities or celebrations after scoring a victory.

Last year, many Taiwanese people were arrested overseas in countries including Kenya, Malaysia, Cambodia and Armenia, on suspicion of involvement in fraud rings with Chinese accomplices, preying mainly on consumers in China.

Many of the suspects in those countries were deported to China rather than to Taiwan.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel