Liu Xiaobo’s dream should be China’s dream: Taiwan’s Tsai

Taipei--President Tsai Ing-wen sent her highest regards and deepest condolences on Thursday to the family of Liu Xiaobo, China's only Nobel Peace Prize winner and most well-known democracy activist, who died Thursday afternoon at the age of 61.

In a Facebook post, President Tsai quoted Liu's public statement issued in 2009: "I have no enemy - My last statement" in which Liu expressed optimism about a future China that is free because "no forces can stop human nature's desire for freedom."

"China will eventually become a country of the rule of law in which human rights will become a priority," Liu had written in his statement.

Tsai said: "This is Liu's China dream. ... China's dream should not be a show of military might; China's dream should incorporate Mr. Liu Xiaobo's dream --implementation of democracy, allowing every Chinese person to enjoy freedom and dignity and making China a country everyone can be proud of."

Tsai also urged China to show its confidence in launching political reforms so as to allow all Chinese people to enjoy freedom and democracy and also to open a new door of opportunities for cross-Taiwan Strait ties.

"If China's dream is a dream of democracy, Taiwan will provide all needed assistances in the process of realizing that dream. I believe this is what Mr. Liu Xiaobo would love to see from heaven," Tsai added.

"Liu had no enemy, because democracy has no enemy, Tsai said. "I would like to pay my respects again to him for his life-long ideals and persistence," she said.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council