Lottery prize money of over NT$1 billion goes unclaimed

Taipei-Over NT$1 billion (US$34.34 million) in Taiwan Lottery prize money was not claimed last year, of which the majority came from the Grand Lottery (???), according to Taiwan Lottery Co., Ltd.

A total of NT$1.043 billion in winning computer-based lottery tickets and instant scratch lottery cards that have passed their expiration dates was never claimed, Taiwan Lottery data showed.

There was NT$400 million in unclaimed winning Grand Lottery tickets and NT$300 million in unclaimed scratch lottery cards, the statistics showed.

Several unclaimed tickets won over NT$5 million, including nine "Jin Cai 539" (??539) tickets worth up to NT$8 million and a "Power Lottery" (???) ticket worth up to NT$56 million.

In 2016, there was about NT$930 million in unclaimed prize money across various types of lottery tickets.

Many people misplace their lottery tickets in their closets, desks or even inside books, Taiwan Lottery said, adding that the computer-based lottery tickets have a three-month time limit for winners to claim their prizes.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel