Migrant workers nabbed for suspected illegal logging

Three migrant workers were nabbed Monday in Fengshan Village, Alishan Township in Chiayi County in a police operation against suspected illegal logging.

After receiving a tip-off from villagers about illegal logging in the area, Chiayi police and the Chiayi Forest District Office under the Forestry Bureau launched an operation that led to the arrest of two runaway Vietnamese workers and another female migrant worker.

Police discovered the three suspects during the early hours of that day as they were being driven down from the mountainous area.

The two Vietnamese workers, who had no identification cards with them, had first refused to reveal their real identities and tried to outwit the police by using fake names before eventually giving over their personal information, police said, adding that the duo were later found to be suspected of running away from their employers.

Police also found that the female migrant worker had overstayed her visa, and had hired the driver, who had no business license, to take her and the two Vietnamese workers down from the mountain.

Judging by the time they were found, and the location, the police said they could have been involved in illegal logging, although there were no logging tools or timber found at the scene.

The three workers argued that they were from Kaohsiung and on a visit to Alishan for sightseeing.

The two Vietnamese workers were referred to law enforcement authorities for investigation and police will investigate whether they were involved in illegal logging

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel