One day double crown Taiwanese electric men and women

In the 107th year of the company's 14-year men's and women's volleyball league challenge, the second game of the championship series at the Taipei Stadium this (3) day, the Taipower men's volleyball team defeated Mizuno (MIZUNO) 3-0, the series won with 2 wins. The opponent won the 5th hegemony of the team's first challenge. The Taipower women's volleyball team defeated the Chinese fiber in the evening of the evening, and successfully won the championship and won the 3 consecutive championships! General Manager of Taiwan Power, Zhong Bingli, Vice President Wang Yaoting and State Policy Adviser Shi Chaoxian led the staff to cheer on the scene. For the Taipower men and women's volleyball players to show their excellent performance and convey the spirit of the unremitting sportsman, Zhong Bingli felt and honored.

The Taipower men's volleyball team won the 5th game with Mizuno yesterday (2) and won the victory. Today, they defeated the opponents at 25:22, 25:17, 25:21, and lost two kings in the series of 3 wins and 2 wins. , successfully completed 5 consecutive tyrants. The Taiwanese men's volleyball veteran led the young players to play the regular and challenge 5 consecutive tyrants. Not only the team history, but also the best record for the men's team. After the game, Taipower's coach, Li Zhenyu, said that today's champion is a hard-working player. The

Taipower women's volleyball team hopes to challenge 3 consecutive tyrants and seek the 7th crown of the team's history this season. Yesterday (2), the first servant was 2:3 to suffer from Waterloo. Fortunately, today's first game is 25:23, then 25:20, 25 : 14 beat the Chinese fiber, the series was tied to 1 to 1 tie. In the evening of the third game, the third game of the championship, with excellent net defense and never give up, then defeated the opponent at 25:15, 25:14, 25:15, and grabbed the 7th consecutive game. And the Challenge 3 is even more. The player Zeng Yiling accepted the interview after the game, thanking the teammates for their joint efforts to exert strong defensive power, and also thanked Taipower for its long-term cultivation and care.

According to Taipower, the Taipower men's volleyball team was founded in the 40th year of the Republic of China. It has a history of 68 years. It is one of the traditional and characteristic teams of Taiwanese electrodes. It enjoys the reputation of "hundred war lions" in the domestic platoon. Since 1983, the men's lineup has been participating in the corporate league. It has won a lot of results in the 14th regular season and won 9 championships in the 13th Challenge. In the (107) year, China won the Chinese men's volleyball team that violated the bronze medal of the Asian Games in 20 years. The players also came from the Taiwanese men's volleyball team.

The Taipower Women's Volleyball Team was established in the Republic of China in 1963. It has cultivated numerous national representative team members. It has repeatedly expedition to participate in Hong Kong's Asian Cup, South America's Peru World Cup, Japan Peace Cup and Philippine Friendship Invitational Tournament. . Taipower women lined up to participate in the 9th corporate league to win 8 regular championships, 7 challenges champion, the strength is self-evident. In the (107) year, 11 players were selected as Asian Games players.

Since 35 years, Taipower has successively established six teams including men's baseball, men's volleyball, women's badminton, women's volleyball, men's soccer and women's basketball. They have publicly tried to use new players and have long cultivated sports players. State-owned business. In the 105 years, the Sports Department first applied for the Sports Enterprise Certification. Taipower was the only team in the public sector in China that was certified. It was certified again in 107 years. For the fourth consecutive year, the "Sponsored Gold Award", the "Sponsored Long-Term Sponsorship Award" and the "Exhibition Gold Award" in the "Sports Driver Award" of the Sports Department have been awarded for three consecutive awards.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs R.O.C