People in China very interested in Taiwan lifestyle: microblogger

Taipei, Chinese nationals are very interested in the lifestyle of people in Taiwan, according to a popular Chinese microblogger on the Sina Weibo platform, who received a huge number of comments and questions after a trip to the island.

Yan Jingsheng, a microblogger who has over 8 million fans on Sina Weibo, shared his findings Saturday at the ninth anniversary celebrations of the Beijing office of the Taiwan Strait Tourism Association (TSTA), which handles tourism-related affairs.

After posting photos and information about his seven-day trip to Taiwan with nine other popular Sina Weibo microbloggers in September last year, Yan started to receive questions about life on the island from his fans in China.

One example, included a photo he took of an empty carriage on Taipei's metro system, which sparked a much heated discussion online.

One of his fans commented "Is it because Taiwan doesn't ban motorcycles, so everybody is riding scooters to work?," while another said admiringly "Living in Taipei is not as crowded as in Beijing or Shanghai."

It is these comments that led Yan to discover that compared to food and scenic attractions, Chinese people are most curious about the lifestyles of ordinary people in Taiwan.

Another example of Taiwan's popularity among Chinese people is also reflected in the "Walk in Taiwan" microblog on Sina Weibo, which had 230 million hits. The microblog is the joint effort of Yan and the other nine microbloggers who visited the island in September.

Hung Tung head of the TSTA's Bejing office, pointed out that Chinese outbound tourists increasingly want to experience the local lifestyle and culture of the places they visit.

Even for group visitors, the demand for flexible travel arrangements is increasing, Hung added.

To that end, the TSTA has launched a "2019 Taiwan Small Town Ramble" campaign that promotes various local destinations for Chinese tourists while traveling by train in Taiwan, Hung said, adding that a new group of popular Sina Weibo microbloggers is expected to visit Taiwan Saturday.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel