Police arrest suspects in gruesome murder cases

Taipei, Seven suspects have been arrested in Taichung and Hualien in connection with the murders in the past three years of a man and a girl whose bodies were stuffed into concrete-filled plastic drums, police in Taichung reported Monday.
The cases came to light mainly because a friend of one of the members of the crime gang involved in the case tipped off the police, leading to the discovery of the drums and the arrests of seven suspects last week.
The main suspect surnamed Hsu (徐) was arrested in Hualien while the others were arrested in Taichung, but the police did not provide any further details on when the tip-off or the arrests occurred.
Six of the arrested suspects were handed over to the Taichung District Prosecutors Office, whose request to detain them was approved by the district court, according to Taichung police.
A juvenile accomplice arrested in the case was sent to a juvenile detention center, while an eighth suspected member of the crime gang has been jailed for another serious crime, according to police.
Police said that the male victim, surnamed Huang (黃), was involved in a financial dispute over a land transaction with the crime gang.
He was brought to a mountainous area in Taiping District in Taichung last year and was beaten to death by members of the gang, who then put the man’s body in a plastic bag and stuffed it into a drum that was later transported to a mountainous area in Miaoli, police said.
He was reported missing in June 2019 by his family.
The girl, who was reported missing in June 2017 by her family when she was 16 years old, was the girlfriend of a member of the crime gang.
She may have been killed in Hsinchu in May 2017 because Hsu suspected she stole NT$3 million (US$105,165) from the ring, police said.
Her body was found in a container in a residential unit in Taichung last week.
Her boyfriend saw everything that happened to the girl, from her killing and putting her body in a plastic bag and then a drum to transporting and dumping her body, but dared not tell the authorities what he saw.
After opening the two plastic containers on Nov. 18, police found little more than bones in the plastic drums that were sealed with concrete, as the bodies had been dissolved in hydrochloric acid, police said.
Forensic scientists confirmed through DNA analysis that the people who had been put in the drums were Huang and the missing girl.
The investigation into exactly what happened and why and the roles of the different suspects remains ongoing, police said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel