Poor air quality expected across most of Taiwan Saturday

Taipei, April 6 (CNA) Air quality in Taiwan is expected to be poor across the country from Friday night to Saturday due to a large sandstorm that developed in Gansu Province in northwestern China earlier this week, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The EPA issued a statement Friday warning that particulate pollution blown from the north starting Friday night could result in concentrations of particulate matter (PM10) of as high as 200 to 250 micrograms per cubic meter.

Northern and central Taiwan, as well as Hsinchu, Miaoli, Kaohsiung, Pingtung and the outlying islands, will all experience orange-level air quality Saturday, which indicates unhealthy air for sensitive groups.

Parts of the affected areas could experience even worse air pollution that is unhealthy for the general public, the EPA noted.

Meanwhile, eastern Taiwan, including Yilan, Hualien and Taitung, will enjoy moderate air quality.

The pollution will let up on Sunday during the day as both a continental cold air mass and the sandstorm start to weaken.

That is also when temperatures, which are forecast to drop to 11 degrees Celsius in coastal regions and 13 degrees in northern and central Taiwan on Saturday, will warm up as well, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

Temperatures in the south will dip to a low of 15 to 17 degrees, the CWB said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel