Premier reiterates no plans for Cabinet reshuffle

Premier Lin Chuan (??) reiterated Tuesday that he has no plans to reshuffle his Cabinet but said he will seriously consider people's views of the government.

"The answer has not changed at the moment," Lin told local reporters, referring to his plan to keep the Cabinet unchanged amid months of speculation about a Cabinet reshuffle.

The premier said he was aware that polls show low public satisfaction with the government, and he pledged to seriously think about the public's perception.

He stressed, however, that it is hard to satisfy everyone because public policies are often put in place for the long-term good of society but can create problems or disputes in the short term.

The government has introduced too many reform measures or made too many institutional changes over the past period of time and that inevitably has affected some people, Lin said.

The recently passed amendment to the Labor Standards Act, for example, shows how difficult it is to reform the system, Lin said.

The latest survey by the TVBS Poll Center showed that Lin's approval rating has dropped from 38 percent in June to 24 percent in December, while his disapproval rating has risen from 33 percent to 50 percent.

The approval rating of President Tsai Ing-wen (???) has fallen from 47 percent in June to 27 percent in December, while her disapproval rating has spiked from 18 percent to 48 percent, according to the survey.

Meanwhile, a survey released Tuesday by Taiwan Thinktank found that most people in Taiwan consider ties with the United States to be Taiwan's most important relationship, followed by ties with China and Japan.

In response, Lin said ties with the United States, Japan or China are all important to Taiwan, and the government hopes that those relationships will continue to develop in a positive direction and will not focus more on one relationship over the others, Lin said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel