President talks with Haitian president on sustainable development

Taipei, President Tsai Ing-wen (???) talked with visiting Haitian President Jovenel Moise Tuesday on mutual help to promote sustainable development in the two countries.

During a military ceremony to welcome Moise in front of the Presidential Office Building, Tsai noted that Taiwan and Haiti established diplomatic ties in 1956 and that Haiti has long been supportive of Taiwan's participation in the international community.

For instance, Moise spoke for Taiwan during the annual General Debate of the United Nations General Assembly in 2017. In April this year, Haiti's foreign minister Antonio Rodrigue sent a written appeal to the World Health Organization supporting the legitimacy of Taiwan's participation in the World Health Assembly.

Tsai also said she hopes Moise's visit will allow the two countries to help each other in the pursuit of sustainable development in their countries.

Tsai said Moise's visit will allow him to see the Taiwan Cement Corp. and a science park in Taichung, as well as attend a forum aimed at attracting Taiwanese investment in Haiti.

Tsai said she is looking to deepen relations between the two countries by increasing exchanges on various fronts and promoting more cooperation projects.

During a visit by Rodrigue to Taiwan in April, he exchanged views on bilateral cooperation projects with the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund. The power grid distribution system and rice cultivation projects proposed by Rodrigue are the focus of bilateral cooperation between the two countries at the current stage, Tsai said, adding that the two countries will soon start negotiations on pushing cooperation in these areas.

Meanwhile, Moise said the relationship between the countries are based on longstanding friendship, and he reiterated Haiti's willingness to strengthen ties with Taiwan, adding that he looks to establish robust strategic partnership relations between the two countries.

Moise noted that his government has launched the Caravan of Change initiative that includes a number of plans to increase investment in the private sector, promote agricultural modernization, facilitate infrastructure and road construction and develop energy infrastructure.

The initiative is aimed at promoting employment and economic development in Haiti and laying a solid foundation for national development, Moise said, adding that the country wants to push development in the areas of energy, agriculture, tourism and engineering.

Moise told Tsai that the two countries have shared political interests and that he believes the establishment of bilateral cooperation relations in these areas will create a win-win situation for both.

For instance, Taiwan's enterprises can benefit from investment in various projects in Haiti, Moise said, adding that he believes the two countries can lay down a solid foundation for the development of bilateral relations through cooperation projects covered in the initiative.

Moise arrived in Taiwan Monday for a 5-day state visit, his first since he took office in early 2017.

Moise's visit has attracted particular attention after Burkina Faso broke off diplomatic ties with Taiwan May 24 after the Dominican Republic did the same May 1, leaving Taiwan with just 18 diplomatic allies worldwide, many of them in Central America and the Pacific.

Taiwan's government is expected to help Haiti improve its power supply network as requested but further discussions will be needed to come up with concrete methods for Taiwan to provide assistance in this area.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel