Prime Minister inspects navy residences Arun Amarin area

The Prime Minister inspects the navy residences. Arun Amarin area Ready to improve and improve the quality of life. If it's in time for the 2024 budget, action will be taken immediately. In the future, we will continue to develop teacher residences. Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Went to the area to inspect the navy residences. Royal ceremonial boat department Arun Amarin 35 area to see the living conditions of the military personnel. Today I would like to come and see the living conditions of the non-commissioned soldiers. Because there is congestion, safety, and poor environment. Which I myself will try to fix. It will be built as a building. Parallel to the area of Phra Chulam Fort. Samut Prakan Province, according to Admiral Adung Phan-iam, Commander-in-Chief of the Navy. Report to you. Because there is a need as well. Mr. Settha emphasized that the well-being of non-commissioned soldiers and police officers is important because they want to raise their living standards at all levels. which the military considers as the fence of the nation I want the people to understand that If there is a willingness to enlist in every army. will be well taken care of As for the duration of the process It depends on the Department of Public Works and Town and Country Planning. and related agencies The Prime Minister revealed the budget that will be used for this operation. If it's in time for the 2024 budget, it will be arranged for you. But if not in time, I will use the middle budget first. Emphasize that this is important. Because I want to have a prototype of a residence, maybe 1 bedroom or 2 bedrooms, a gym. or electric car charging point In the future, this method can be used to develop other areas. It is believed that it will improve the livelihood of junior government officials. In the future, I will go see the teacher's residence. In order to continue improving lives and livelihoods.-314.-Thai News Agency Source: Thai News Agency

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