Prosecutors investigating death of Thai migrant worker

Taipei-Prosecutors in Taoyuan are investigating the death of a Thai migrant worker, who was found dead in his rented apartment in the city Wednesday morning with knife wounds on his neck.

Accompanied by forensic experts, prosecutors went to the scene of the death in the city's Guishan District Wednesday afternoon.

They found a fruit knife near the body of the 32-year-old man, who had knife wounds on his neck, according the Taoyuan District Prosecutors' Office.

The initial investigation found no evidence of foul play, the office said, adding that prosecutors and police are not ruling out suicide.

Gueishan precinct police said the Thai worker had been sharing an apartment with his sister, who recently returned to Thailand temporarily because her contract had expired.

After the Thai worker failed to show up for work at a Taoyuan factory, his sister's boyfriend went to check on him Wednesday and found him dead on his bed, according to the police.

One of the other workers at the Taoyuan factory said the Thai migrant had been working in Taiwan for over a year and had shown no signs of strange behavior before his death.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel