Prosecutors looking into case after eggs thrown at Han

Taipei-A case involved two men who threw eggs at the opposition Kuomintang's presidential candidate during a campaign rally in Tainan over the weekend is now being investigated by prosecutors.

After being handed the case by police, Tainan prosecutors questioned the two men separately Tuesday night and determined there was no need to hold them, but they did place restrictions on the suspects' abodes, requiring them to stay close to their homes.

According to Tainan police, a 39-year-old man surnamed Chang (?) and his 33-year-old friend identified as Chen (?) threw eggs at Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu (???) as he was getting into his car to leave the rally near a local park Saturday.

Han was not hit by the eggs, but others near him were.

Though neither Han nor those hit by the eggs pressed charges against Chang and Chen, Tainan police still formed a task force to look into the incident, which came at a sensitive time, only 80 days before the Jan. 11 legislative and presidential polls.

The police found that the two local men were unhappy with Han as they were passing by the park for the traffic chaos caused by the rally and decided to vent their anger at the presidential candidate.

They bought six eggs at a nearby convenience store, with Chen throwing four eggs and Chang two at Han, police said.

After gathering evidence, Tainan police decided to hand the case over to prosecutors on suspicion that the two men committed the crime of coercion, which involves the use of intimidation or violence to make others do something they can legally reject doing.

Police did not say why that crime was invoked for this case, but there was speculation it may have been an attempt to deter other copycat incidents.

Though the two men missed their target, the incident sparked questions over whether the two men were affiliated with a political party or had strong political leanings, but police said neither of them had a political background.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel