Rain forecast for Taiwan Sunday before easing Tuesday

Taipei-Affected by a cloudy system, the weather around Taiwan on Sunday will remain unstable with a high chance of rain, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

Occasional rain is forecast for most of the day in northern and eastern parts of Taiwan proper, as well as mountainous areas, the CWB said.

In the west, clouds are expected to increase from the afternoon to the evening after a sunny to mostly cloudy weather in the morning, with the central and southern parts of western Taiwan to experience sporadic rain later Sunday, according to the CWB.

Due to the wet weather, temperatures around Taiwan will fall slightly Sunday, with highs of 20-25 degrees Celsius and lows of 16-19 degrees forecast for around the country, according to the CWB.

Western Taiwan may experience highs of 22-25 degrees while eastern parts may see highs range from 20-22 degrees, the CWB added.

In addition, the CWB said, high waves are possible in northern and eastern coastal areas, as well as the Hengchun Peninsula in the south.

Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection Administration said the air quality in most parts of Taiwan was largely good to fair on Sunday.

The CWB further forecast that by Tuesday, the rain will ease but seasonal northeasterly winds will remain strong.

It indicated the most ideal locations to see New Year's Eve fireworks in Taiwan that day will be in the northeastern parts of the country.

However, the weather bureau said that under the influence of northeasterly winds, the first sunrise of the New Year on Wednesday might not be seen in the north and east due to heavy clouds.

The best places to greet the first sunrise of 2020 will be in mountainous areas of central and southern Taiwan, it noted.

The mercury on Tuesday in northern Taiwan will slide, with highs to drop to below 20 degrees, while lows in the north and northeast will dive to 14-15 degrees, according to the CWB.

However, the weather will get warmer Thursday when northeasterly winds are expected to weaken, with a chance of occasional rain in the east and north, while other areas are likely to see sunny to cloudy skies, the CWB forecast.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel