Random inspection of child-friendly hotels finds myriad safety issues

Taipei-An inspection of 24 randomly selected hotels in Taiwan that are deemed as child-friendly found that most of them were in contravention of government safety regulations, the national Department of Consumer Protection said Tuesday.

The issues at the hotels in six cities and counties ranged from fire safety, to sanitation and playground problems, according to the department.

Of the 24 hotels inspected, 21 did not meet the government regulations for management of children's playgrounds, said Kao Tzu-chung (???), a consumer protection officer.

He said 13 hotels failed the inspection for building safety management, six failed the fire safety management inspection, and seven did not meet sanitation management standards.

However, two hotels -- Hoya Resort Hotel in Kaohsiung and Landis Inn Chuhu in Hsinchu -- passed all five categories of the inspection, according to another consumer protection officer Wang Te-ming (???).

Two others -- Hotel Chateau Anping in Tainan and Kung Shang Design Hotel Kaohsiung -- were found to have safety issues in four of the five categories of inspection, he said.

For example, the stairwell at the Tainan hotel was cluttered with many items, in violation of building safety management regulations, while the emergency exit at the Kaohsiung hotel was not functional and there were no fire extinguishers on the premises, Wang said.

The inspections were conducted in September and October by the national Department of Consumer Protection, and central and local government agencies responsible for tourism, construction management, and public health. The 24 randomly selected hotels were in New Taipei, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Yilan County, Hualien County and Hsinchu City.

Under the Building Act, hotels that fail building safety management inspections are liable to a fine of NT$60,000 (US$1,967) to NT$300,000 if they do not correct the problems within a designated time period, according to the Construction and Planning Agency.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel