Rare solar halo wows Taitung residents, visitors

Taipei, Residents and visitors to Taitung County experienced the striking sight of a solar halo on Sunday, which appeared about an hour before noon in the form of colored rings around the sun.

Thousands of people in the scenic east coast area took pictures of the optical phenomenon, which were posted on social media in creative and funny memes.

One netizen posted a photo of his face in the center of the halo like that of a god. A couple formed a heart with their arms stretched out toward the sun, with the halo as a romantic background. A solar halo appears when ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere are refracted, resulting in colored or white rings around the sun, the Taitung Weather Station said, adding that it usually happens during spring or summer.

According to Taiwan folklore, a solar halo signals rain at night, but a weatherman told CNA that was a myth with no scientific basis.

The solar halo in Taitung lasted from around 11 a.m. to noon, and according to media reports, one was also seen in some parts of Japan, namely the prefectures of Mie, Gifu and Nagano.

Since the solar halo appeared a few days before the start of Japan's new imperial era Reiwa, it was seen as a good omen, the reports said, citing Japanese folklore.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel