ROC passport ranked 59th worldwide

Taipei--Republic of China (Taiwan) passports are ranked 59th in the world, indicating a relatively high level of travel freedom and good taxation standing of its citizens, according to the Nomad Passport Index compiled by American firm Nomad Capitalist.

The index ranks 199 citizenships on five factors, namely visa-free travel, which carries a 50 percent weighting, taxation (30 percent), and perception, dual citizenship and overall freedom (10 percent each), amounting to a total of 110 percent, according to Nomad Capitalist.

The Swedish passport obtained the highest ranking with a Nomad score of 109.

The report said holders of Swedish passports have visa-free access to 176 countries, the ability to easily escape Swedish taxes by moving overseas, the ability to hold dual or multiple citizenships, high levels of personal freedom and an excellent reputation abroad.

The passport of Belgium was ranked second, with visa-free access to 174 countries, while Spain and Italy were tied for third, followed by Ireland, Finland and Germany in a tie, and Denmark, Switzerland and Luxembourg, also tied.

In Asia, Japan and Singapore's passports were ranked 19th (tied with Czech Republic and Iceland), South Korea and Malaysia's passports ranked 29th (tied with Norway, Estonia and Monaco), and Hong Kong's travel document was 40th (tied with Lithuania).

Taiwan's passport ranked 59th, tied with Panama and St. Lucia, while China was ranked 164th, tied with Uzbekistan.

The passport of the United Kingdom ranked 16th, tied with Australia, while the United States and Slovenia were ranked 35th.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel