Second strong cold air mass to affect Taiwan from Friday

Taipei-The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) has forecast that a cold air mass -- the second of the season -- will reach Taiwan Friday and will be more powerful than its predecessor that arrived three days ago.

The cold air mass is expected to send the mercury in areas north of central Taiwan and in northeastern areas to as low as 12 degrees Celsius over the weekend, the bureau said Wednesday.

According to CWB data, the arrival of the first cold air mass of the season late Sunday sent the temperature in Nantou County's Zhongliao Township in central Taiwan plunging to 10.3 degrees early the next day.

It was the lowest temperature detected that day by ground weather monitoring stations around Taiwan, the bureau said.

In addition, with northeasterly winds and a moisture system from the south moving northward, the CWB forecast that the chance of rain will rise from late Wednesday onward.

In the next few days, mountains of 3,000 meters or higher could receive snow, most likely in the period from Friday night to Saturday, according to the forecast.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel