Shipment of Asustek products to Russia at ‘effective standstill’

Asustek Computer Inc., one of Taiwan's leading PC brands, said Monday evening on social media that shipments of the company's products to Russia were at "an effective standstill" and the company plans to donate to relief efforts in Ukraine.

Following Economics Minister Wang Mei-hua's (???) remarks at a legislative hearing earlier in the day that given the current situation Asusteck will consider withdrawing personnel from Russia, the company released a statement in English on Twitter.

It says: "ASUS is deeply concerned about the growing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. We have been providing the best possible support to all our affected team members and their impacted families, and we will be paying close attention to each new development."

The company went on to emphasize its adherence to international norms.

"ASUS routinely abides by all international regulations, and this situation -- combined with complex challenges across supply chain, logistics and banking, plus other factors -- has created an effective standstill of shipments to the Russian market."

In addition, the company said it would donate NT$30 million (US$1.05 million) to a government-designated bank account established in conjunction with the Disaster Relief Foundation, to help with relief work in Ukraine.

"We hope that peace will be restored soon and timely humanitarian aid will reach everyone in distress," the company said.

The statement is the company's first public response since Ukrainian Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov made a public appeal last Thursday for the Taiwanese company to stop doing business with Russia until "the Russian aggression in Ukraine is fully stopped and fair order is restored."

Fedorov, who is also Ukraine's vice prime minister, called on Asustek Chairman Jonney Shih (???) to suspend relations with Russian-based clients and partners and stop supplying them with hardware, electronics and technical support.

Meanwhile, the Ukraine relief special account has received over NT$600 million in donations as of 4:10 p.m. Monday since it was established on March 2, according to data from the foundation.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel