“Somsak” explains that there is no retirement age set for village health volunteers.

Government House, "Somsak", Minister of Public Health, explained that there is no retirement age set for village health volunteers. He stated that he would not object if they were 70 and wanted to continue working. He did not promise to adjust their salaries to push them to become nursing assistants. Public Health Minister Somsak Thepsuthin said about the adjustment of the age criteria for village health volunteers (VHVs) that this matter is currently being listened to and will be completed by July 11, 2024. Today, there were approximately 300,000 people who expressed their opinions, with some opposing the idea that VHVs aged 70 and over should not retire. He has looked into the details and does not object because VHVs do not receive much compensation. Mr. Somsak added that since the beginning, the government had two ideas: the VHWs have a term of only 70 years old, but they cannot promise that they will be able to increase their salary or push for everyone to become a nursing assistant. Therefore, they sh ould not write a draft and wait for the law to be finished and let the people who will be responsible for this matter come and revise it later. Therefore, I would like to say for the sake of peace of mind that there is no retirement age for VHWs yet. This draft is a draft that can be revised and if on July 11, the case is finished, it will be forwarded to the cabinet meeting. Source: Thai News Agency