Supreme Court sets date for hearing verdict in ‘Anurak’ bribery case of 5 million

Supreme Court, Supreme Court, politicians, scheduled to hear the verdict in the case of "Anurak" demanding a 5 million bribe from the former Director-General of the Department of Groundwater Resources. The Supreme Court's Criminal Division for Holders of Political Positions, Sanam Luang, has scheduled a hearing to hear the verdict of the appeal court case, Am.Oth.7/2566, in which the Attorney General sued Mr. Anurak Tangpanitanon, former MP for Mukdahan Province, Pheu Thai Party, for misconduct in public office by demanding a 5 million baht bribe from Mr. Sakda Wichiensin, former Director-General of the Department of Groundwater Resources. Mr. Anurak came to the court and said that he was relieved. In this case, he was acting as a member of the budget committee and was in the opposition. His duty was to make the budget appropriate to the price. No matter which department or ministry, they had to come and ask. We had a duty to inquire and work honestly. However, the Department of Groundwater Resources did n ot send the estimated plans. He did not know why they were so stingy because we had already checked and found that there were irregularities throughout the country. 'The case file has no evidence, no physical evidence or witnesses in the case. The maximum penalty for this case is the death penalty. To punish the investigator, they must buy a sting operation in order to obtain solid evidence because the penalty rate is high. But my case has nothing at all. The only person who accused me was Mr. Sakda. He was angry and resentful of me. And the only witness that the court believed in to convict me was because Mr. Sakda was a high-ranking civil servant,' said Mr. Anurak. Personally, I think it is not right. Mr. Sakda's testimony was inconsistent and contradicted other witnesses. He said that out of the 16-17 witnesses, they were all hearsay witnesses who were not present at the event. The NACC did not question the witnesses who were present at the event. I have sent everything to the Appeals Committee and I bel ieve that they will make a final judgment on the case. They must believe it without a doubt before they can convict me. I am confident that the Supreme Court will be fair to me. When asked what to do if the results are not as positive as expected, Mr. Anurak revealed that it is up to the court. If the court decides, it must be as it is. There is no appeal. In the end, 'Let this be the first and last case that accuses MPs of receiving money from various agencies. The accusation that I demanded money in exchange for budget cuts, I am one of the 500 votes. The entire Pheu Thai Party cannot negotiate to demand money from anyone because it is the opposition. The MPs work honestly and straightforwardly to reduce the budget to benefit the country. The NACC does not understand the law. The accusation is unreasonable. I am only one of the 500 votes. Why should Mr. Sakda be afraid? Why did he give me money? I confirm that I do not have any,' said Mr. Anurak. When asked if the results were positive, would he take leg al action against Mr. Sakda, Mr. Anurak reiterated that he would not talk about it yet because it had not reached that stage yet. Today, he only came to hear the verdict. The reporter also reported that in the morning, Mr. Somkid Chuekong, Deputy Secretary-General to the Prime Minister for Political Affairs and members of the Tangpanitanon Foundation traveled to give encouragement, talk, and give Mr. Anurak white roses before entering to hear the court's decision. For this case, on April 25, 2023, the Supreme Court's Criminal Division for Holders of Political Positions ruled to sentence Mr. Anurak to 6 years in prison without probation, along with revoking his right to run for election forever and revoking his right to vote for 10 years, prohibiting him from holding any political position whatsoever. Source: Thai News Agency