Taekwondo gold medalist arrested for possession of illicit drug

Taipei, 2010 Asian Games taekwondo gold medalist Wei Chen-yang (魏辰洋) was arrested for possession of an illegal drug in Xinzhuang, New Taipei, last month, local police said Monday.
Wei was found with ketamine on his person after being stopped at a random inspection checkpoint on Sept. 26, the third time in the past year he had been caught in possession of a controlled substance.
When police pulled him over at the checkpoint and asked him for his ID and other documents, Wei started removing items from his pocket, and a bag of white powder fell from his pocket, according to Xinzhuang police.
Wei tried to conceal the bag of powder by swallowing it, but he was stopped by police who pulled the drug out of his mouth. They then searched Wei’s car and discovered a packet of drug-laced instant coffee, Xinzhuang police said.
The police eventually identified the white powder as 1.7 grams of ketamine.
Wei was brought in to the police station for questioning, and police learned that he had previously been arrested for possession of a controlled substance by Taichung police in October 2019 and in Banqiao in New Taipei in July 2020.
His case will likely be handed over to prosecutors for further investigation.
The 28-year-old Nantou County native won a gold medal in the men’s under 58 kg taekwondo division at the Asian Games in Guangzhou in 2010.
He retired from the sport in 2014 and had reportedly faced financial difficulties in recent years.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel