Taipei couple win NT$20 million lottery

Taipei-A couple from Taipei City claimed the NT$20 million (US$ 648,600) scratch card lottery jackpot, according to Taiwan Lottery Corp. Tuesday.

The winning couple are in their fifties and buy lottery tickets every two weeks without fail, according to a local lottery outlet storekeeper.

The couple prefer the pre-printed scratch cards on the shop desk and never ask for a particular set of numbers, he added.

The couple visited the lottery ticket outlet last Thursday as usual, randomly picking four Super Red Envelope scratch cards ,the jackpot for which was NT$20 million, the storekeeper recalled.

About two days later, the wife walked into the store wearing a crash helmet with a copy of the winning scratch card and said "don't say anything," in a very calm voice, he said.

Seeing the storekeeper almost scream with excitement when he realized it was the jackpot card, the wife again said: "don't say anything" and shook his hand before leaving on a motorbike. The encounter lasted less than 3 minutes.

The storekeeper said he was surprised someone who won the jackpot could be so calm.

According to Taiwan Lottery Corp., the top prize in its scratch card games for the Lunar New Year was the NT$20 million jackpot on Super Red Envelope cards, with second prize winners each taking home NT$2 million plus a brand-new Mercedes-Benz worth NT$1.58 million.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel