Taiwan faces bigger challenges as China tightens grip: MAC

Taipei-China has tightened its grip on Taiwan since May 2016 and there is no sign that it will change its strategy, Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Minister Chang Hsiao-yueh (???) said Monday.

In the face of this pressure, Taiwan is committed to maintaining peace and stability in cross-Taiwan Strait relations, while it will also review the rules and regulations governing cross-strait interaction to counter China's "united front" tactics, Chang said at the council's year-end press conference.

Over the past 18 months, China has intensified the use of its "united front" tactics against Taiwan, focusing on offering preferential treatment to the younger generation and general public, infiltrating Taiwanese society, and proposing policies that create a magnet effect for Taiwanese talent, Chang said.

Chang said that Beijing is expected to accentuate its "two-pronged strategy" characterized by showing the Taiwan government the cold shoulder on one hand, while giving the people of Taiwan benefits to make them more inclined toward China.

The council will coordinate with government agencies in charge of industry development and talent cultivation to strengthen related legal mechanisms so as to fend off potential disturbances to social order and national security, Chang said in her statement.

Pressed by reporters about planned proposals, Chang did not elaborate, but she said that adjustments to related policies could be made at any time to adapt to the situations in Taiwan, China and the international community.

Taiwan will continue to seek a new model of interaction with China under which the country can safeguard its sovereignty, ensure that cross-strait exchanges are based on the principles of equity, equality and dignity, and resume cross-strait communications, although "the challenges lying ahead this year are even bigger," she said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel