Taiwan man promises to compensate Japan hotel after no-show

A Taiwanese man who made a two-night booking at a hot spring hotel in Japan but did not show up has apologized and promised to pay compensation for losses after the Lunar New Year holiday, the hotel said Monday.

Speaking with CNA, a consultant surnamed Yashiro at Yufuin Tsubaki hotel said that the wife of the Taiwanese man, surnamed Lee (?), called the hotel on Sunday to offer an apology.

Lee also called the hotel on Monday to apologize again for the losses caused by his failure to show up on Jan. 20, a day before the Chinese Lunar New Year Eve, and Jan. 21, Yashiro added.

Yufuin Tsubaki is located in Oita, a city near Fukuoka in northeastern Kyushu.

According to the hotel, the Taiwanese man's no-show after booking a two-night stay with upscale seafood and beef meals resulted in a loss of about 240,000 Japanese yen or about NT$56,000 (US$1,842) as the food which the hotel had prepared in advance had to be thrown away.

The local news media reported that Lee had placed an order for a two-night stay at the Japanese hotel through Japanese hotel booking platform Jalan but did not receive any confirmation from the system so he thought it was a botched order and did not show up.

However, Yashiro told CNA that as long as the booking platform displayed a reservation code after an order, that meant the reservation was successful.

Yashiro said that as her hotel had never encountered a situation in which somebody who had booked a room did not show up as Lee did, her colleagues felt upset and biased against Taiwanese travelers.

However, now that the hotel had received a sincere apology from Lee, they no longer felt this way towards Taiwanese tourists, Yashiro said, hoping that Lee would remit the compensation as promised to the hotel after the Lunar New Year holiday.

Yashiro expressed gratitude to the Taiwanese news media which reported the incident and attracted a lot of attention.

She said Taiwanese tourists were still welcome at her hotel.

Lee was not immediately available for comment on the incident.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel