Taiwan national fined heavily for bringing in pork products

Taipei-A Taiwanese passenger arriving at Taiwan's main airport late Thursday was fined NT$200,000 (US$6,311) for attempting to bring food items containing pork into the country, Taipei Customs said.

The Taiwanese passenger surnamed Hung (?) was carrying pork floss egg rolls from Hong Kong, an area listed as high-risk for African swine fever (ASF), when arriving at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Customs said.

The fine of NT$200,000 was the latest in a string of fines imposed as part of Taiwan's efforts to prevent the spread of ASF, Customs said.

With the approach of Mid-Autumn Festival, an increasing number of passengers have been trying to bring in pork-filled pastries, such as mooncakes that are usually eaten at this time of year, according to customs officials.

Visitors from ASF-affected and high risk countries/areas who attempt to bring pork products into Taiwan are subject to a fine of NT$200,000 for first-time offenders, while repeat offenders face a fine of NT$1 million, according to regulations.

Since the first ASF outbreak in China was reported in August 2018, Taiwan has intensified border inspections of meat products for fear that the spread of the ASF virus could cripple its high-value pig farming industry.

ASF is a deadly disease that threatens the pig populations as there is no cure or vaccine against it, although the disease is not harmful to humans.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel