Taiwan online gaming team returns home with international championship

Taipei-Professional gaming team SMG from Taiwan, flew back to Taiwan from South Korea Monday with a championship trophy having won the 2017 international championship of the Arena of Valor (AoV), an epic multiplayer online battle arena game.

Fans welcomed the SMG team back like conquering heroes at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

Cheng Chih-lung (???), known as Genji in the SMG six-member team, said he was "very happy" to win the international championship in group gaming for Taiwan.

Cheng attributed the victory to team work and the calmness and presence of mind demonstrated by his teammates during the games. He was also hopeful that the team would go on to win the next big tournament, the Garena Challenger Series' spring competition.

SMG was organized by JJ Lin (???), a pop singer/composer, producer and actor from Singapore who is popular in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of Asia.

The Arena of Valor International Championship: Asia 2017 was held from Nov. 23-26 in Seoul with the participation of 12 teams from Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Garena is a Singapore-based consumer Internet platform provider, founded in 2009. It exclusively distributes game titles on Garena+ in various countries across Southeast Asia and Taiwan, including AoV.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel