Taiwan ranks 2nd in talent shortage: survey

Taiwan has the second most acute shortage of talent in the world, trailing only Japan, according to the results of a survey released by global human resources firm ManpowerGroup on Monday.

ManpowerGroup said 73 percent of 1,005 employers polled in Taiwan felt that finding skilled talent in the country was difficult, well above the global average of 40 percent in the survey, which covered more than 42,000 employers in 43 countries and regions.

Taiwan's figure was lower than only that of Japan, where about 86 percent of polled employers said it was hard to recruit skilled talent, ManpowerGroup said.

The 73 percent figure for Taiwan was also 16 percentage points higher than in a similar survey conducted in 2015 and the highest ever seen for Taiwan since it was first included in the annual ManpowerGroup survey since 2006.

The top three categories of talent that employers in Taiwan felt were in short supply were sales representatives, engineers and technicians, the survey showed.

Research and development staffers, production line workers, senior managers, and information experts were also among the top 10 categories in which Taiwanese employers faced shortages, the survey found.

Just over half of the polled employers in Taiwan (53 percent) said the talent shortage resulted from difficulties in finding the right person or a lack of applications, up 8 percentage points from the 2015 survey.

The human resources firm said Taiwan is undergoing a rapid change in its industrial development, and the country needs skilled employees to cope with the demand for people capable of dealing with change.

The pace of cultivating a strong talent pool in Taiwan, however, has failed to keep up with the rapid change in industrial development, resulting in a more visible talent shortage in the past two years, the firm said.

ManpowerGroup said Taiwan is also faced with a mismatch of talent between employers and employees at a time of industrial transformation for the country.

In the greater China area, 69 percent of polled employers in Hong Kong said they suffered a talent shortage and found it the most difficult to find information technology personnel, sales representatives and financial/accounting experts, ManpowerGroup said.

In China, only 10 percent of the polled employers said they suffered a talent shortage, adding that the top three categories of people hard to find were sales representatives, technicians and senior managers, the human resources firm said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel