Taiwan workers aged 35-39 earning less than average: Numeracy Lab

Taipei--The Numeracy Lab, a Taiwan-based math teaching group, said Tuesday that Taiwan workers in the 35-39 age group are struggling on low monthly wages that are way below the national average of NT$48,790.

In fact, the group said, 54 percent of Taiwan employees in that age group are earning less than NT$36,000 per month on average.

Although most people in the 35-39 age group have been working for at least 10 years, only 6 percent are receiving more than NT$72,800 per month, Numeracy Lab said on its Facebook page.

In the under-30 age group, 74 percent of them earn less than NT$36,600 a month, the lab said.

The math teaching group, which often analyzes data on the economy, education, culture and other areas, said its findings were based on analysis of wage data reported to the Bureau of Labor Insurance.

The data showed that 47 percent of workers in the labor insurance system, who do not include teachers, civil servants or military personnel, were being paid less than NT$22,800 per month, the lab said, although it acknowledged that some employers tended to report lower wages to reduce their share of the labor insurance payments.

According to the Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS), the average monthly salary in Taiwan last year was NT$48,790, comprising regular wages, overtime pay and bonuses.

In the first two months of 2017, the average salary rose 2.99 percent year-on-year to NT$69,442, the DGBAS said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel