Taiwan’s customs seize 14 kilograms of heroin, one man arrested

Taipei-Customs officials in central Taiwan's Taichung City in November found approximately 14 kilograms of heroin stuffed between latex pillows sent from Thailand and later arrested a man in connection to the case, an official from the Ministry of Justice's Investigation Bureau (MJIB) told reporters on Friday.

The Bureau only revealed details about the case Friday because investigators had been trying to find the culprits behind the drug smuggling.

MJIB official Lin Tien-chin (???) said customs officials on Nov. 9 seized a courier package sent to Taiwan from Thailand and discovered three boxes of latex pillows in it which had an unusual substance hidden in them. Tests later revealed the substance was heroin.

A joint unit consisting of the MJIB, Third Special Police Corps and Military Police Command reporting to the command of the Taichung District Prosecutor's Office captured a man by the surname of Lin (?) on Nov. 10 at Taichung South District's Dongxing Road.

A drug smuggling group had used the address of an empty apartment they rented in a mixed-use building to receive the package of latex pillows, said an unnamed official who explained that the pillows were accepted and signed for by the building's security.

The group then used a large amount of money to induce Lin to pick up the goods from the building security guards' office.

The group made use of the period around Nov. 11, when there were large number of international parcels arriving in Taiwan, to smuggle the drugs, said the official Lin Tien-chin.

Nov. 11 is referred to as Singles Day or "Double 11" day, an annual online shopping event that began in mainland China but has spread worldwide. People shopping online during that day contribute to a large amount of packages being delivered.

Further investigation is underway to find the ringleaders in the drug smuggling operation.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel